1. General Rules

1.1 Introduction: Here at Land of the Lost RP we are looking to make an authentic role-play experience on the DLC map of Livonia which will revolve around player activity and player feedback. Lore will correlate with what players and factions do on a daily basis…whether that’s forging new settlements or alliances, or tearing down the last fragile walls of humanity piece by piece. Player feedback is incredibly important and will aid us in making a truly unforgettable experience that will leave you thirsty for more! This is a role-play server and as such you are required to remain in character at all times. Please do not use soundboards or spam music down the VOIP. We are aware that DayZ is a buggy mess but if you are experiencing technical difficulties please inform whoever you’re interacting with that you’re having a “headache”. Note: Having a “headache” is an in-game way of explaining that you are desynch’d out of your mind and can’t move without teleporting three mile backwards.

1.2 Character Creation: Your RP character is your alternate virtual self, a person we ask you maintain to the highest standard whilst playing on our server. In accordance with this, when making a new character please use sensible names and no political or celebrity names (i.e. Donald Trump or Steven Seagal). This character must have a purpose or vision you wish to direct and once created subsequently cannot alter his/her personality. An example of this is if you create a character who portrays themselves as a “law-abiding citizen” you can’t then execute robberies or eat people; this just doesn’t make sense. Information disclosed in the RCC Form will remain confidential between yourself and the Admins – nobody will know you’re a cannibal if that is what you so choose. Some backgrounds are just really generic so please try to be as unique as possible for the benefit of role-play authenticity.

1.2-2 Want More From The Same?: You are permitted to have a maximum of two characters here – the only limitation is that the two must be polar opposites and cannot represent the same group/faction. So no, you can’t run back to the scene of your previous death in the middle of an encounter claiming to be a separate character…that’s not what this is for. If this is of interest to you then please make an attempt to change behaviour/voice when alternating between the two characters. Note: Two RCC Submission Forms would be required for this.

1.2-3 Valuing Your Character’s Life: You must treat your life in-game as though it is your actual physical life – do not make reckless decisions which are nonsensical which would lead to obvious death. If you get into an altercation with another player or group do not fail the role-play, put in the effort to make the encounter fun for others. If you have a gun to your head or a knife to your throat, try to de-escalate the situation, don’t sit there and say “Just do it, I don’t care” or “I’ll just respawn and kill you” – this is considered as ‘Failed RP’ and could result in being banned.

1.2-4 Character Kills: Character kills can be authorised by members of Staff once enough information is gathered on whoever it is you wish to dispose of – Staff may request reasoning and evidence before the aforementioned is considered. Please note that casualties sustained in a gunfight are not considered as “character kills”; an official character kill would be more similar to an execution and would be required to be role-played out.

Note: Once your character is officially killed you would be required to use another character or create a new one which holds substantial difference to the one which was just executed.

1.2-5 New Life Rule: After the events of a firefight when you were wounded in battle (killed), you are not permitted to return to the area or to loot your body for thirty minutes. This is to prevent in-game events from taking several hours to draw to a close. If a member of your fire-team grabs your equipment then he may give it back to you but the 30-minute rule still applies. During this time, you are not allowed to give your fire-team intelligence relating to the battle – this is known as meta-gaming and is a punishable offence. Note: If you are killed due to DayZ being a buggy mess or KOS’d (Killed On Site) then please create a ticket in #server-reports where the case will be reviewed.

1.2-6 Derogatory Behaviour (Characters): We cater to a wide audience and as a result of this certain types of character are not allowed. Characters who are homophobic, racist or considered as part of a “supremacist group” will not be tolerated – let’s keep this PG. Hate speech is not acceptable when we’re all here to enjoy the game. Therefore, political views deemed as irrelevant to the server’s lore will be met with punishment.

1.3 Playing The Meta Game: What is meta-gaming? Well, in its most basic sense it is using information acquired ‘Out Of Character’ to benefit you in character whilst in-game. Nobody likes it however we are aware it is sometimes difficult to separate information you’ve learnt off-game and then to not use it in-game which is why there is some leniency. However, please try your best to avoid this and try to learn all information in-game by either using a radio or by being near interactions. Information of the aforementioned can come from sources such as:

Watching a member’s stream and learning information from the interactions they have

Posting IC information to private Discords without having the actual interaction

Acquiring and posting information acquired from this Discord and republishing them in private Discords

As mentioned, please try and find information in-game and then keep it to yourselves until you meet with others who you play with.

1.4 Don’t Be A Loser (Cheating): Cheating includes but is not limited to glitching, duplicating items, using cheats or loot cycling. Let’s go through these individually so nothing gets misconstrued. Glitching: You are not permitted to glitch into bases or use glitches to gain an unrealistic, unfair advantage of a situation. Do not barrel-stack or use map exploits to glitch into bases. Duplicating Items: You are not permitted to intentionally duplicate items to give you more equipment than fairly obtained. We are aware that accidental duplication can occur and no action will be taken against this, but logs do not lie! We will know if you’ve been duping. Hacks/Network Manipulation: You are not permitted to use hacks or manipulate the network to gain an unfair advantage over a situation. Loot Cycling: You are not permitted to loot cycle any areas as this is cheesy and is also considered as cheating. Logs will inform us of this so don’t take the risk, the biscuit isn’t worth it. Note: All of the above can and will result in either a permanent ban or a timed ban.

2. Zone Rules

2.1 The Zones: Please refer to #map-information for a better understanding of the zones. In essence, our Livonia RP server is split into two zones which will be outlined below. You are hereby required to follow the rules of each zone to avoid any punishments being handed out.

The Redemption Lands (Zone One): Zone One is a non-hostile area where you cannot be killed on sight; a normal daily life may be orchestrated here but be weary of your possessions as you can still be robbed, taken hostage or raided. However, role-play is heavily enforced here so ensure you record interactions if you need to open a ticket.

The Badlands (Zone Two): Zone Two is a barren wasteland overpopulated with the undead, vegetation and wildlife. This area is too vast and too far gone to regulate and subsequently is lawless. Here, killing is normal…home to savages, bandits and cannibals. Down South…there are no rules so only the most seasoned of survivors may venture there. Safeguarding privileges are revoked, kill at will.

Military Bases (Zone Three): All military bases are designated as ‘KOS Zones’ which are lawless parts of land where no jurisdiction is held. By entering these dangerous high-value areas you admit liability for yourself and your belongings. No compensation will be given if you die in a KOS area. All KOS military zones can be viewed on your in-game map as red circles – a warning prompt will appear on your screens when you are entering and exiting these areas, as well as a combat symbol which will appear next to your health indicator. Be cautious, these areas are rife with ranks of the undead and any gunfire may alert nearby travellers.

Heli Crashes + Airdrops: These two drops can hold some of the best loot in the game, and as such are now also ‘KOS Zones’. You will get an entering and exiting prompt here and also have the combat symbol displayed next to your health indicator. Be advised, the undead are attracted to loud noises and the noise these sort of events create attract many undead – choose your approach, either be stealthy or gun it out and be as quick as possible.


  1. You can’t shoot in to a KOS zone if you are not in the respective zone.
  2. You can’t shoot out of a KOS zone to somebody who is not near the respective zone.

Military Bases (KOS): Lukow Airfield, Bielawa Military, Krsnik Military, Kopa Prison, Tarnow Military, Nidek Military, Borek Military, Muratyn Military, Lembork Military, Radunin Military, Swarog Military, Nadbor Industrial Sector

A single barrack or prison is not considered a military zone and therefore doesn’t qualify as a KOS zone. In-order for an area to be a KOS zone there must be more than three separate military buildings.(edited)February 4, 2021

3. Base Building + Raiding Rules

3.1 Base Building: There are a few restrictions when it comes to choosing where to erect a base which is done so that loot can be made readily available to everyone. You are not allowed to build in military bases, KOS zones or hospitals or any form of high tier loot location. If a town is occupied by a faction or run by an elected person(s), then you must first gain permission. You are only allowed a maximum of ten code locks per base also.

3.1-1 Size Does Matter: When building you are required to ensure your base realistically reflects the amount of members you have – an example of this is sectioning off an entire town when you play alone, this is not allowed. You are asked to only fortify what you need; failure to do this will result in staff asking you to downsize, and failure to comply will result in base deletions. If you are unsure please feel free to ask staff.

3.1-2 What Is A Base?: The definition of a base here is a location a person or group have fortified to prevent unauthorised access, whether that is a standalone base or a house with a wall. Anything built up is a base and is subject to Sections 3.1 and 3.2.

3.2 Base Raiding: Base raiding in our server is carried out through a Raid Announcement System (or R.A.S) which is an automated call for war which announces server-wide that a raid is occurring in a specific grid reference. With that being said, there are two types of raiding allowed which will be outlined below:

Open Raid: This is a raid that can be carried out if a player/group/faction have not secured their base efficiently and access can be granted by jumping naturally over walls or fences, or by climbing through a window. Once inside you are not allowed to dissemble or dismantle any containers, furniture or fortifications and can only take whatever is readily available to you. If the owner logs in during this type of raid they can shoot you on sight. However, as the raider in this scenario you must first initiate with the owner otherwise any kills you obtain would be classed as KOS.

R.A.S Raid: This is a raid which has been announced using the system in-place and allows for destroying walls/gates to gain access to a base. You still are not allowed to disturb any furniture or containers though, only what is inside of them. Raids organised through the R.A.S engage kill rights for both the raiding and defending party.

3.2-1 R.A.S Raiding Procedure:

The Raid Announcement System works in two parts, one for solo players and small groups and another for factions which enables “Offline Protection”. We look below for explanations on the two:

Solo-Small Group Raids (RAS Grade 1): A raid request will be processed through the R.A.S only if the owner is online, this will include a grid reference of where the base is – this will prevent the raiders from initiating for 30 minutes which gives the base owners ample time to acknowledge the threat. Once the specified time has passed, the raiders may force an entry into the base.

Faction Raids (RAS Grade 2): A raid request will be processed through the R.A.S only if there are three members of the faction online inside of the base at that time, attached will also be the grid reference. The raiders will then have to wait 15 minutes before they can start forcing an entry into the base.

Note: Once the raid has been initiated via the R.A.S and the specified waiting time has passed, the raiders will havetwohours to carry out the raid before the R.A.S window expires – this is where KOS rights are reinstated and raiders cannot kill without initiation. Detailed rules for raids are found in Section 3.2.2.


1.As a solo player or small group you are allowed to call for one allied faction or group to assist you in defending your base – this contact must be made using the #ic-radio-channel and accepted by whoever your call for aid has reached. As a faction, this privilege is not enabled.

2.Factions are not allowed to call for other factions to help defend their base.

3.2.2 Detailed Raiding Rules:

1.You are not allowed to break into bases without following the rules stated in 3.2 and 3.2-1 (above), doing so will result in being banned.

2.You are not allowed to dismantle, dissemble or move containers or furniture.

3.You are not allowed to strip a base’s fortifications for nails – only destroy what is necessary to gain entry.

4.You are not allowed to boost or glitch into bases – only do what is within reason of natural human ability.

5.You are not allowed to raid the same group within a week to allow them to recuperate from the battle.

6.You are not allowed to drop items out of containers – this is classed as griefing and is a bannable offence.

7.You are not allowed to place codelocks on containers or fences to prevent the owners from getting back into their base.

8.You are not allowed to raid in groups larger than ten against factions and no more than five against solo players and small groups.

9.You are only allowed to take from a base what you can carry.

4. Rules of Engagement

4.1 Initiation + Identification: Initiation is the act of interacting with a person with the intent of doing malicious harm, be that a solo player or a group. You must first begin by having a conversation whether that is via a megaphone or by standing right next to them, whether you point a gun at them is up to you but don’t pull the trigger – you must make your intentions and demands crystal clear and provide ample time for the opposing party to respond.

If you a part of a group then you must all be wearing the same armband or an item of significance (i.e. wolf pelt, bear pelt, ghillie ponchos) before jumping into an interaction or engagement like mentioned above. If you do not have matching armbands or the like then you cannot engage if one of your members is being initiated on. This is likewise if the opposing party has initiated on you, others claiming to be from the same group but bear no evidence of such cannot jump into the same interaction. This is classed as KOS if a firefight breaks out.

You must ensure that whoever you are initiating on has heard and is aware of what you are demanding before any fighting breaks out. You cannot walk up to someone and casually say “Give me everything you have” and then five seconds later gun them down…this is not classed as providing ample time for the member to respond and instead as KOS.

Note: If an altercation begins during a scenario like this it is your responsibility to ensure no friendly fire occurs and no bystanders are hurt.

Rules: You are not allowed to remove or swap armbands for 15 minutes after this incident.

4.1-2 Robberies: Robberies make for excellent role-play but there’s a very thin line between good and bad role-play here; you are required to follow the guidelines provided in Section 1.2-6 of “Derogatory Behaviour” when conducting a robbery. Don’t be overly offensive and strictly no racism, homophobic slurs or anything which could offend people out of game. When carrying out a robbery, you must leave the victim with supplies good enough to survive such as water, medicine, food and at least a knife. You can take as much of anything else you can carry. You are not allowed to kill somebody you are robbing. However, smacking them with the butt of your rifle or cutting them (providing you bandage them) is allowed. The only scenario in which you can kill somebody is if they fail to comply within a reasonable time, draw a weapon or make threats.


  1. If you are robbed by a group you are only allowed to call for one other faction to go in search of your robbers – this call must be made over the #ic-radio-channel and acknowledged by the other group. They must still follow the rules in Section 4.1.

2. You are allowed to hold people up for their vehicle so long as the vehicle isn’t moving at a speed which would be unrealistic to communicate with the occupants, and only may fire upon the vehicle if the driver has made a clear attempt to run you over.

3. All interactions should preferably be recorded for use as evidence in the events of a ticket being raised. If there is no evidence or records on the logs, the ticket will be dismissed.

4.1-3 Hostages: Taking a hostage can make for good role-play so long as done the right way, this can also be used as a method of further instigating beef that you may have with an opposing faction. Hostages can be taken during a robbery and must exhibit signs of valuing their life – it is your obligation to ensure your hostage is watered, fed and safe from factors out of their control. If a hostage fails to comply please refer to Section 4.1 when threatening or injuring them. Hostages can be rescued by their respective groups but the event must be role-played out. Hostages may be kept for a maximum of 1 hour before being released unless the role-play includes negotiations.


1. All hostage interactions should preferably be recorded for use as evidence in the events of a ticket being raised. If there is no evidence or records on the logs, the ticket will be dismissed.

2. If you are taken hostage you must comply with the role-play otherwise you may attempt to flee before you are tied up or during, at risk to your own life.

4.2 Combat Logging: Combat Logging is intentionally leaving the game to avoid active combat with somebody or to avoid dying – this is strictly against the rules and is a bannable offence. You must either wait out the engagement or be far enough away that they wouldn’t be able to catch up with you (1000m). Combat logging is considered a bannable offense.

4.2-2 Avoiding Roleplay: If you log out to avoid potentially harmful/fatal role-play escalations then this is considered the same as “Combat Logging” and is also a bannable offence as it is failing RP. Please refer to the entirety of Section 1 for guidance.

4.3 You Have The Right To Defend: You can defend yourself with appropriate force depending on the situation – if you are being held up, you make that decision to pull your rifle out and risk a gunfight…if you die, that’s on you. However, please ensure that when you choose to defend yourself it aligns with the role-play. For example, you wouldn’t start a fight with a large group if you’re on your own – fear is something that should be displayed through in-game actions.

5. Groups & Factions

5.1 Groups + Factions:

Groups: We classify “groups” as anything between 2-4 players who may reside in a small-medium base of their choosing following the guidance supplied in Section 3. Groups such as these fall under RAS Grade 1 under Section 3.2-1.

Factions: *We classify “factions” as anything above a member count of five who may reside in a medium-large base of their choosing following the guidance supplied in Section 3. Groups such as these fall under RAS Grade 2 under Section 3.2-1. Groups if large enough may wish to claim territory or set up small settlements which they can regulate by making laws and stopping certain groups from entering (please refer to Section 4). Factions will also get their own private Discord channel in the server to use at their pleasure and may request through tickets custom buildings to be spawned at their bases which will require physical materials in-game to be done.

5.2 Types of Groups: *Very similar to “Character Creation” in Section 1, you can create whatever sort of group you want. A few examples would be trade groups, hunting groups, mercenaries, freelancers, contractors, military groups, cannibals, bandits, policing force, fishing groups…the possibilities are truly endless. Bandit groups add great variety to the role-play as long as done right and in compliance with the rules. All groups must be identifiable by the same armband or a significant piece of cloth as mentioned in Section 4.1.