Here at Land of the Lost RP we are looking to make an authentic role-play experience on the DLC map of Livonia which will revolve around player activity and player feedback.

Lore will correlate with what players and factions do on a daily basis…whether that’s forging new settlements or alliances, or tearing down the last fragile walls of humanity piece by piece. Player feedback is incredibly important and will aid us in making a truly unforgettable experience that will leave you thirsty for more!

This is a role-play server and as such you are required to remain in character at all times. Please do not use soundboards or spam music down the VOIP.

We are aware that DayZ is a buggy mess but if you are experiencing technical difficulties please inform whoever you’re interacting with that you’re having a “headache”.

Note: Having a “headache” is an in-game way of explaining that you are desynch’d out of your mind and can’t move without teleporting three mile backwards.